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Automated Refraction

Getting the most accurate information about your patient’s quality of vision is key to operating an efficient practice, whether you’re performing pre-surgical exams or standard refractions to generate a prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses. Eye-Tech can provide you with a customizable setup to meet your needs.

Marco TRS digital refraction systems

Marco TRS Digital Refraction Systems

The Marco TRS series of digital refraction systems represent an immediate upgrade in practice operation due to an array of advantages over conventional, manual instruments:

  • Automated and efficient, cutting refraction time in half
  • Seamlessly integrate with practice EHR software and data can be accessed from anywhere on the network
  • Reduce the physical stress of manually operating a phoropter
  • Enable a more precise eyewear prescription for patients
  • Allows instant comparison between a patient’s current Rx and their new one, increasing optical sales and happy patients
  • Instant ROI – Sell more glasses and see more patients
  • Wow Factor! Patients love to see new technology and they feel the TRS makes them see better. Why use 85+ year old technology in your practice?

The TRS series of digital refraction systems, by Marco Ophthalmic, were designed using the latest technology to improve practitioner efficiency and accuracy in a modern optometric practice.

Marco TS-610 tabletop refractor and chart system

Marco TS-610 Tabletop Refractor
and Chart System

The TS-610 is a versatile refraction setup with a compact footprint, making it easy to install anywhere in your practice. Flexible measurements can be taken from either side for seated or standing patients.

  • With an intuitive, ergonomic keyboard that allows simple, one-handed operation, flexible measurements can be taken from either side for seated or standing patients.
  • The forehead rest is more accommodative than conventional technology, allowing you to perform more accurate refractions on a wider range of patients.
  • All charts needed for both near and far vision measurements are available. Frequently used charts can be saved as favorites for easy access.
Marco TS-610
Marco EPIC refraction system

Marco EPIC Refraction System

The Marco EPIC refraction system is today’s most innovative way to streamline operations, grow your business, and build your dream practice.

  • The EPIC decreases work-up times to less than 10 minutes and performs the refractions in 3-5 minutes.
  • Confidently delegate data gathering to your technicians and focus on data assessment, diagnosis and prescribing a final correction.
  • Vision diagnostic results are faster and more accurate than ever.
  • In the average practice, the EPIC has increased patient throughput by 30-50% and patient satisfaction has never been higher.

Brought to you by Marco, the Leader In Vision Diagnostics®, the EPIC is efficiency on-sight. From office productivity to patient care to the exam room to the bottom line.



“We implemented the T RS-5100 from Marco slash Drew Tucker. Couldn’t recommend Eye-Tech more. Their training makes it so easy. Love our T RS-5100 from Drew Tucker and Marco. Wouldn’t practice without them.”

Dr. Michael Neal

“We decided to go ahead with the TRS-5100 to start 2016 off with a high-tech step. Thanks to Drew Tucker. A great guy who’s very easy to work with highly recommend Eye-Tech. A big thank you to Drew Tucker. Our card reader system malfunctioned after several years Drew immediately returned my text and helped me to troubleshoot. In my 18 years of practice, I can tell you that Drew is one of the most professional people whom I’ve ever worked.”

Dr. Jason Savochka, OD

“Can’t thank you guys enough for your above and beyond assistance with setting up our new office. Most vendors get their check and say have a nice day but you guys follow through to the opening day. Wouldn’t go anywhere else for our ophthalmic needs. Extremely appreciative.”

Doctor Harry Liebowitz, Owner at Delaware Ophthalmology Consultants

“Thanks Scott first rate equipment first rate install and excellent service. Eye-Tech is the real deal!!!”

Doctor Joshua Gordon, Owner and Optometrist Partner at Barenburg Eye Associates

“Drew is terrific, we buy all of our ophthalmic equipment from him! We love our new OPD3!”

Kimberly Frantz Boyer


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