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Adopting reliable equipment for dry eye patients can be the key to growing your practice, both in patient volume and revenue. When patients come into your practice complaining about itchy, burning, and otherwise irritated eyes, dependable technology can help you understand the root causes of the disease and develop an approach using the latest and most effective methods.
Eye-Tech Phoenix corneal topographer

Phoenix Corneal Topographer
with Meibography Workstation

The Phoenix is a reliable corneal topographer equipped with an on-board Meibography workstation.

  • The Phoenix combines complete corneal topography and a range of dry eye assessments, including meibomian gland imaging and tear film break-up time (TBUT) analysis.
  • It’s a 2-in-1 device with a small enough footprint to save space and enhance the efficiency of your practice.
  • The Phoenix enables you to diagnose and classify dry eye and meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) easier.
Ellex Tango

Equinox Low Level Light Therapy

Adopting the Equinox — in tandem with the Phoenix or as a standalone device — expands the options you can offer for a range of different ocular surface diseases.

  • LLLT is a painless, non-invasive technology targeting conditions that affect the skin around the eyes and eyelids.
  • The Equinox uses direct and indirect Photobiomodulation in a quick and easy, 15-minute application
  • This technology utilizes specially designed LED lights to deliver focused light that can help address a range of conditions
Equinox low level light therapy for dry eye


“Can’t thank you guys enough for your above and beyond assistance with setting up our new office. Most vendors get their check and say have a nice day but you guys follow through to the opening day. Wouldn’t go anywhere else for our ophthalmic needs. Extremely appreciative.”

Doctor Harry Liebowitz, Owner at Delaware Ophthalmology Consultants

“Thanks Scott first rate equipment first rate install and excellent service. Eye-Tech Inc is the real deal!!!”

Doctor Joshua Gordon, Owner and Optometrist Partner at Barenburg Eye Associates

“Drew is terrific, we buy all of our ophthalmic equipment from him! We love our new OPD3!”

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