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A Standard of Care that
Goes Beyond Routine Eye Care

Changing demographics, innovative technologies, and new business models are working to evolve a new eye care.
And, yet, within this change there remains one constant—the patient comes first.

HealthxMD is a third-party diagnostic service provider developed by ophthalmology professionals for eye care professionals. When you choose HealthxMD, you are provided with a comprehensive diagnostic platform in your practice with no upfront costs.

HeathxMd’s primary diagnostic service is Transcranial Doppler testing.

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Think of HealthxMD as an extension of your practice. They work for you and provide the resources needed to support Transcranial Doppler testing, including:

  • Certified Ultrasound Sonographer(s), educated in ultrasound testing and trained on TCD.
  • An Ophthalmic Practice Development Manager (PDM) that will support the functions that ensure proper flow and integration into the patient dynamic
  • A Clinical Development Manager (CDM) to oversee the quality and continued education of your Ultrasound Sonographer as well as clinical support for the practice
  • Access to the HealthxMD Prescreening team who, based on the physicians’ ordering criteria, will pre-screen patient charts, identifying which of your upcoming or scheduled patients may be candidates for TCD
Blue Eyes Focus


“Can’t thank you guys enough for your above and beyond assistance with setting up our new office. Most vendors get their check and say have a nice day but you guys follow through to the opening day. Wouldn’t go anywhere else for our ophthalmic needs. Extremely appreciative.”

Doctor Harry Liebowitz, Owner at Delaware Ophthalmology Consultants

“Thanks Scott first rate equipment first rate install and excellent service. Eye-Tech Inc is the real deal!!!”

Doctor Joshua Gordon, Owner and Optometrist Partner at Barenburg Eye Associates

“Drew is terrific, we buy all of our ophthalmic equipment from him! We love our new OPD3!”

Kimberly Frantz Boyer

What type of practice will benefit from the services of HealthxMD?

HealthxMD promotes services that fit within an ophthalmology practice setting. Each diagnostic test is ordered by an ophthalmologist based on current state LCD (Local Coverage Determination) guidelines and reimbursed by most insurance carriers. Services contracted through HealthxMD do not require dedicated physical space and in most instances can easily be integrated into the daily schedule.